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It's a new idea for a very old farm, a hybrid of the best ideas in housing options: bed & breakfast charm, Takoma Park-style apartment house character, single-family home amenities, and community atmosphere. Though the legal definition and licenses state "Single family home occupied by five unrelated adults" that's only as descriptive as calling a cruise through the Greek Islands, "a ride on a boat". 
What makes it like a bed and breakfast?
Large, common rooms are furnished nicely with a combination of antiques and new furniture, books, DVDs, a large flat screened TV with premium digital cable, dining areas able to accommodate up to 26 people, outdoor patios and porches. There are over 10 fireplaces and gas log stoves throughout the main house.  
What makes it like an apartment house? 
Five separate suites in one house offer private area comparable to a typical Takoma Park apartment. Each has its own bathroom, bedroom, living room and some have studies. All have cable and high speed internet access. Heat is individually controlled. A couple of suites have private, outside entrances, in addition to access to the common areas. Though there are no private kitchens in the suites, there are fully functional, very cute refrigerators for people who want to keep a supply of Ben & Jerry's, sandwich makings, and cold drinks handy.
What makes it like a single-family home?
The generous-sized suites are privately situated yet they provide convenient access to a large kitchen, formal dining room, living room, sun room, patio, and large wooded yard. The farmhouse is the perfect place to entertain guests in a gracious, country environment.
What makes it like a community? 
Brindledorf is comprised of three separate buildings that include the main farmhouse with five suites, a two-bedroom cottage built in 1865, and a one-bedroom cabin.  All three buildings are part of a single community. Some space is shared, making it possible for each person to interact with others in the community as they choose. Pot-luck dinners, occasional concerts on the lawn, and quiet conversation by the fire are all available to the residents of this unique community. Residents enjoy an amenities package that otherwise might be prohibitively expensive. 
Is it only for teachers?
No. However, our concept is built around the idea that teachers have special needs for good housing in the county so we are doing most of our marketing in the education community The lease schedule will be linked to the academic year and the amenities will include computer equipment that will be beneficial to teachers.
What made us do it? 
We like providing nice places where people can live. We are committed to education; we remember fondly the teachers who made a difference in our lives; and we think the time is right to build a learning community that offers value-added housing for one of the county's most valuable resources, teachers. Brindledorf will appeal to many who want to live in a big house in the country but can't manage the expense on a single salary. We like old houses. We think that people who live here will look back and remember it as one of the best places and times in their lives. 
What's next?
A log cabin? Looking at plans now, might commit next summer and start building in 2008. Is anyone out there interested in living an LL Bean environment down the street from the metro? 
A Cooperative Living Community with a commitment to education
Silver Spring, Maryland
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SOLD! keep watching this page for more info as the new owners take Brindledorf into the future with respect to the rich history of Elizabeth McCollough's farm. 
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