Cooperative living for educators
Most of the house has hardwood floors. There are five indoor common areas; kitchen, dining room, center room, living room and sun room. There is also a separate garage with an attached laundry room.

The kitchen is L-shaped, with a big wood burning stove, a center island and lots of storage. For you geometry teachers, the dimensions are 12 x 24 x 20 x 8 x8 x8. If people want it, we will put a 2nd fridge in the laundry room to ensure plenty of food space. We'll be painting the kitchen, putting down a pergo floor, and replacing the dishwasher.
The dining room is so big that we're  having trouble finding enough furniture to fill it up. It has an exposed beam ceiling and walnut wainscoting. One of us thinks the wall paper is charming, the other doesn't, so we're still negotiating that issue.
The center room has a couple of built in shelves and this is where we're planning to put office equipment. We'll have cable internet with a wireless router. It will be accessible throughout the house. We'll put in a laser printer and phone line that people can use for local calls.
The living room also has a beamed ceiling, big stone fireplace, and enough floor space to have two separate seating areas. There is a big, but not monster, flat screen TV with surround sound, digital cable
The sun room is 10x20 feet and has a gas log stove so that it can be used year round. It has an old ceramic floor right now that is not beautiful, so we're still considering flooring options there.