Opportunities outside the box
Wow! Brindledorf has been a successful intentional living community since January 1, 2003, home to about 25-30 people over the years. Many have been teachers, most stayed on for a number of years, with an average stay of 4 years. Current residents have been there for up to 10 years.  From newborns to retirees, it has been a diverse, special community. Nancy and I have each taken turns being the lead in keeping the buildings repaired, facilitating new members, and managing the rest of the nuts and bolts. 
In the past couple of years we've taken on new projects and are ready to turn Brindledorf over to others to love and nurture. 
We still live our lives outside the box and are considering two different options: 

1. Find a buyer to continue the mission. To facilitate that and make it available to like-minded souls, we are willing to offer up to 75% owner financing. A new owner with the right enthusiasm and tolerance for the sacrifice of property ownership would probably break even in the first few years and begin to show a positive cash flow in under five years. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. 

2. Change the structure of the farmhouse lease and offer the entire building to a person or persons who would be responsible for finding residents, paying utilities, and keeping up the grounds and common areas. Depending on the creativity and energy of the new leaseholder, it could be possible to still have a positive cash flow, or at least have modest living expenses while living in an extraordinary setting with the freedom and responsibility to  manage day to day life. 

If you are interested in either option, have excellent credit and great references, please give us a call and we can talk about it. 301-537-8298