People who help get the work done
If you would rather buy your own house than move to Brindledorf, you can reach her at
Long and Foster: 301-951-0310
Home /Cell: 301-526-1209
Jeanie Ahearn, helped us buy our first house in 1990. Being one of the original people to think outside the box, she showed us how to organize our resources, and buy a house that put us on the path to financial success. She has been an incredible mentor, friend, and sometimes business partner.
Tony has installed carpet, laminate and hardwood floors for us since 1996. He has refinished the 100+ year old floors at Brindledorf. In the rare event that a job has had problems, he has fixed in right away. He hardly laughed at me at all when I tried to put down the Pergo myself. His guys did a great job cleaning up my mess.
Floors: Tony Pakzad at Carpet Express 301-231-7355
Real estate: Jeanie Ahearn  301-526-1209
Dave has installed three roofs at Brindledorf, two in Wheaton, one on the house where we live, and has kept another roof in good repair so that we haven't had to replace it yet. All of our friends and neighbors who have used him, are amazed at his prices (usually about 1K less than the competition, sometimes more, depending) and the quality of his work.
Roofing:Dave Kelly  301-942-6288
Brindledorf naturally attracts people who love to garden, but rarely any one who feels like spending whole days on hauling fallen branches, raking, or cutting brush. Sue did most of this work for the first few years, but Ronaldo took over several years ago. He and his crew work tirelessly on the work that is not much fun, and finish up the day finding ways to make Brindledorf more beautiful. They also do work for us at our home.
Grounds Keeping: Ronaldo Vasquez
240 246 4935 Cell
301 251 4784 Home.

Got STINK bugs? Capitol Pest saved Brindledorf from them. They can save your house, too. Call them at 301-983-2010 or 301-657-4480. Stink bugs took a liking to the attic suite in 2010. After extensive research and several failed attempts to banish them using other companies, Capitol Pest came in with a treatment plan that worked and cost less than some of the other companies. 
Chimneys. Earthquakes. Call 240-388-2417.
We have a bunch of chimneys. We thought we were getting reasonably good service until a bunch of bricks started falling down inside one of the fire places. Turns out the the crew we were using just walked out in the middle of the job and we couldn't tell until a couple of years later. Andrews Chimney Service cleaned up after the other guys and then fixed the earthquake damage.